Here are some authentic comments from students on my work with them.


I have been practicing with Gary for the last several years. Before I attended his class I was intimidated by the Iyengar style of yoga. Now I’m a complete convert! I am constantly impressed by Gary’s ability to work with individuals of all ages, abilities and body types. His knowledge of body mechanics is unparalleled.

I now attend private sessions with Gary and his guidance has been invaluable in managing both a chronic condition (scoliosis) and a newer challenge (recovering from a concussion). I do this not only to improve my health, but also because Gary is a joy to be around. He has become an important figure in my life and I often wish I could describe his expertise more fully for others. In the end I always just advise them to experience his teaching first hand. I guarantee they won’t regret it!

retired middle school councilor

From my first class, Gary took the time to understand the pain and limitations imposed by some severe injuries. He developed alternative ways for me to do the classic yoga poses so that I was able to reap their benefits. He explained how the poses should feel, sharpening my internal focus and awareness. As I progressed his instructions became more specific, and my focus became finer.

I got stronger, more flexible, and the pain disappeared!

The practice of focusing – passing through the mind-chatter to concentrate on the feel and effect – has begun to shift my perceptions. “I can’t do it that way” is becoming “this is the way I can do it”!Former obstacles have become guides. And I find the physical poses have become the ground from which a larger awareness is growing. He also teaches how to apply yoga philosophy to everyday life.

I could say that Gary is patience itself – teaching the classic yoga poses and ensuring that correct sequence and alignment protect his students from injuries and maximize the benefits. I recommend him without reservation!


Even after practicing yoga for 10 years I made amazing progress in 6 months with Gary. His level of knowledge, teaching method and ability to adapt postures or practices for every individual is astounding! Yoga with Gary is fun and informative. If you have injuries or issues to work through, or just want to perform at you peak level, Gary can make it happen.


Gary is an excellent yoga teacher. He has thorough knowledge of anatomy and physiology. He also incorporates Ayurveda’s healing principles into his classes, which are very helpful for me. His sense of humor keeps his classes light and fun. I don’t know where my body would be without Gary’s help over the years. I can’t thank him enough! And as a licensed Acupuncturist, I often refer my patients to Gary for help with pain, injury, or illness.


My husband and I have been taking private yoga lessons with Gary for several years. I highly recommend these private sessions to fully integrate yoga with you personal needs – body, mind and spirit!


I am sure that my studies with Gary, both physical and spiritual, keep me walking as well as pain free. I know when I don’t meet with him and follow my practice there is a negative change.

Michael Ph.D.
Chief, Health Psychology
Section Director,
Interdisciplinary Pain Team Denver Veterans Affairs
Medical Center

Gary Reitze is a great yoga teacher. He brings a keen eye for alignment and a sound knowledge of physical function to his teaching. This is mixed with a great sense of humor and compassion for the struggles of his students as he encourages them in their progress. His manner of instruction helps the student to work through physical and mental barriers with understanding and awareness. Gary’s teaching is truly complemented by his study of yoga philosophy and scripture. His approach is grounded in the yoga sutras, which helps his students work with all eight limbs of yoga in their asana and pranayama practices. His classes are constructed of sequences that help students achieve poses that they did not think they could do and to improve and extend the quality of the asanas that they already know.

In my professional life, I work as the Chief of Health Psychology and the Director of the Chronc Pain Team at a local medical center. I refer patients to Gary without hesitation for therapeutic yoga for musculoskeletal problems and even complex conditions like multiple sclerosis. I know that I can entrust them to his conscientious care and teaching.

Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher

Gary Reitze was my first Iyengar Yoga Instructor in Crested Butte, Colorado. I did not know much about yoga, much less the styles of yoga but after the first class with Gary I was hooked. Gary’s knowledge of the poses, attention to detail and observation skills not only helped me learn how to do the poses correctly but also helped me face the challenges I had physically and mentally. He was always willing to help with any challenge anyone had.

I am now a Certified Iyengar teacher. I am very grateful for Gary and all his hard work, dedication, commitment to the Iyengar community.

Maria Certified Iyengar
Yoga Teacher

Gary was my first Yoga teacher in the 1990s and probably the reason I was drawn to this path. His precision and attention to detail makes his instructions very clear and accessible. Gary’s passion for the subject of Yoga pholosophy is evident in that his classes are always fresh and reveal his depth of understanding. I am honored to have him as my teacher and friend for over 29 years.


When I began work with Gary I had been struggling with what I thought was and orthopedic problem. I thought my knee replacement was coming apart. Consultation with my orthopedic doctor, and an MRI did not shed light on the problem. It turned out my entire right side including my hip, leg, ankle and even my toes were not operating together which caused my knee to collapse spontaneously. With Gary’s expert help and deep understanding of how the body works, we started very slowly on yoga movements designed to get my body back in alignment. I was able to clearly see what I needed to change in stance, sitting, and walking. Having lived for months with this problem I was surprised how sure and safe I felt with Gary. Every movement he recommended my body responded to immediately. Gary was able to explain exactly what was happening that was causing the problem and what to do to solve the problem. His own personal injuries and recovery through yoga was inspiring and helped to give me more confidence. I know that my work with Gary will result in full recovery