Here are some things I’d like you to know about me.

My story is long and complex, and I can’t imagine where I would be today without yoga. But here is where I am now.

I’m certified with the International Association of Yoga Therapists, and I teach Iyengar Yoga and it’s therapeutic applications. I specialize in helping people enjoy a better life with a healthier, pain-free body, and a clear, sharp mind.

My story: I was introduced to Iyengar Yoga in 1986. At that time, I was in constant pain and could barely reach for anything. Yoga became essential to the rehabilitation of my five shoulder surgeries, and a number of other injuries. Attending yoga classes regularly and practicing gave me a way to move away from the pain, get stronger, increase flexibility, and find peace of mind. After great success in getting my physical body in shape I studied the spiritual path of Yoga and found the benefits of a calm mind and steady emotions as well.

Gary Reitze

I started teaching regularly in 1990, received my first Iyengar Yoga teaching certification in 1993, and became the first certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher on the western slope of Colorado. My experience includes over 800 hours of teacher training with senior teachers, and I have studied at the Iyengar Yoga Institute in Pune, India 3 times. I have over 12,000 hours of teaching experience, am one of the co-founders of the Iyengar Yoga Center of Denver, and I teach workshops at studios in the Denver metro area and around Colorado. I have also studied Ayurveda for more than 20 years. My teaching is precise with close attention given to alignment details and correct action. And I weave philosophy and humor into my classes for a fun and complete yoga experience.

Now I’m over 74 and have recovered from 14 surgeries, mostly from sports related injuries. I am dedicating the rest of his life to helping people, to reduce their pain, enjoy life, and feel younger! I’m an expert at yoga therapeutics for problems of the back, shoulders, neck, hips, knees, feet and ankles, and I teach private therapeutic sessions from my home studio. I also teach Yoga breathing and meditation techniques, and how the philosophy of Yoga can be practically applied to daily living.

I love the freedom that the discipline of my daily Yoga practice gives me! I enjoy the mountains, and am an avid high altitude hiker and an expert skier.

Why do Yoga with me?

Experience – Knowledge – Compassion


 I’ve been practicing yoga daily since 1986

 I’ve been teaching regularly since1990, including public classes, private sessions, and workshops around Colorado

 I earned my first Iyengar Yoga Teaching Certification in 1993 and was the first certified teacher on Colorado’s Western Slope

 Over 12,000 hours of experience

 Over 800 hours of teacher training

 I’ve been studying and living by Ayurvedic principles of health since 1994

 I regularly deal with people with back problems of all kinds, including bulging and herniated disks, stenosis, spondi, and scoliosis. I’m a specialist with shoulder injuries of all kinds (I’ve had 8 shoulder surgeries), as well as injuries to knees, hips, feet, and necks. I also can help with general inflexibility, weakness, balance issues, and spiritual searching.


 I’ve been studying with senior teachers since 1988

 I’ve studied at the Iyengar Institute in Pune, India 3 times

 I am constantly furthering my yoga education and expertise.


 I know what it’s like to have a broken body, constant pain, and a broken spirit. Eleven surgeries and other life traumas have given me a unique, first hand perspective into what it’s like to get a life (body, mind, and spirit) back together.


 I want to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to my teachers. Without their teaching, compassion, and guidance I would not be able to help you. Thank you to:
Patricia Walden, Manouso Manos, Dean Lerner, George Purvis, Gabriella Giubilaro, Geeta Iyengar, Prasant Iyengar,and of course the late, great, BKS Iyengar.

“Those who want physical health go to body-workers and nutritionists:

Those who want mental health go to thinkers and educators:

Those who want emotional health go to them that love and care:

Those who want it all, and are willing to work for it, go to the Yoga teacher.”

Aadil B.A. Palkhivala